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Tips Healthy Ageing In Your 40s & 50s

Updated: Dec 2, 2019

Tips For Healthy Ageing

Ageing is something inevitable in every woman's life; something that we can't ignore nor prevent (though I think I'm pretty good at the 'ignoring' I have to admit). This process involves deterioration of your body cells, leading to a slow and sometimes drastic change in your external physical features. Ageing might be considered a state of mind rather than a physical one, where it affects how you feel about yourself. I used to always say "It's not how you feel, it's how you look", but boy have I changed my tune. In the last 5 or 6 years from 45-51, I now believe the opposite is true. IT'S HOW YOU FEEL! Some days I wake up and think, sure I look pretty good for 50, but I feel 75!

This leads me to compare traditional ageing with a different phenomenon, commonly known as 'healthy ageing'. Healthy ageing means you must maintain your health and wellness not from the outside in but the INSIDE OUT. I touched on this topic with Dr. Cobi Slater on my TV show where we discussed the importance of looking at your health from the inside out. What you put into your body, whether it be the food in your diet, the amount of water you consumed or the nutritional supplements you took - all played a very crucial role in how you would look and feel for your age. Taking a good look at hormones and their role in your ageing process is something that I'm very aware of in my own ageing process. Dr. Cobi and I did an episode on 'Detoxing Your Hormones' (you can view the video here:

Understanding the role hormones play in your overall wellbeing is crucial, for men and women alike. Imagine being able to look good, have healthy-looking hair, soft-plump skin and a clear complexion at the age of 50! It's all possible through considering what you consume and how you babysit your hormones.

We all know there is no such thing as the fountain of youth (though I've jumped into a few just to be sure - that's another story......!) I can tell you that there are a few steps you can take which will help you along the way in ageing well, looking great and feeling good. These tips will help you maintain control of the ageing process like never before.

It's never too late to take control of how you age.

You are what you eat!

The first and necessary step of healthy ageing is your nutrition plan. Food plays a massive role in your health and wellness, which is why you should always control your intake. Different foods can shape your health and accordingly, your ageing progress.

Having the right diet is essential for looking younger. So don't take this lightly as it might be the key for healthy ageing.

Some tips include:

  • Participate in a regular (or at least a couple of times a year), robust detox program.

  • Detox your liver and support with Milk Thistle, Dandelion Root, Burdock Root and Methionine.

  • Supplements that support a detox include DIM, Indole 3 Carbinol, Turmeric Extract & Curcumin.

  • Cruciferous vegetables, cabbage, garlic, brussels sprouts & dark leafy veg help expel toxins from your body.

  • Consuming 35 grams of fibre and lots of water will help in a healthy detox.

Medication Control

Medicine is not always considered to be the right approach in treating all symptoms and diseases. There's no doubt that certain medications are essential and vital for treating specific illnesses. However, if you can manage your symptoms using natural methods and remedies, you could definitely benefit in the long run. Speak with your MD and a Naturopathic doctor to help determine a program that is right for you.

Activity is Key

One of the best habits you can form in being healthy and slowing the ageing process is by being active. Allowing your body the opportunity to move and move often will give you more energy than you could imagine. This coming from someone who isn't the biggest fan of traditional, in the gym exercise in general. But I move, and I move often. Whether I'm on set with filming my TV show or I chasing my husband around the bedroom (he wishes!) I'm always moving. I wrote this blog sitting in a coffee shop on a Sunday afternoon. My life is dictated by the schedule my teens maintain. Sports 5 days a week for hours at a time means that my husband or I are their Uber drivers, and when a facility is 30 minutes in each direction from home, there's no point in going back home or back to the office. My point is is that I'm moving a lot.

It is one thing to have the looks of a younger version of you. Yet, it is much more rewarding to actually feel the more youthful soul in you. If you're tired, depressed, always catching a cold or flu, you'll never be able to keep up with all that life throws your way. By keeping yourself active at all times, you'll ensure better body performance and better ageing. Activity is the key to better body health and wellness. Go for walks with the dog; find a hobby that makes you move, like gardening; try a local yoga class for newbies that will keep your muscles from seizing up and look at each moment of movement as a small (yet significant) gift to yourself.

Screening Should Be Frequent

Never stop yourself from getting screened! Gosh, let me repeat this - NEVER STOP YOURSELF FROM GETTING SCREENED.

Testing is an essential step in maintaining your health and ensuring your longterm physical and mental wellness. Harmful ageing is usually caused by a failure in taking care of your own self through regular check-ups. Certain sneaky diseases and bacteria can be hiding in your body, causing damage slowly over time. Some of this damage is irreversible and could lead to a health crisis.

Refraining from getting tested, could allow such setbacks to increase and affect you in the long run. I set reminders for my regular testing like mamograms, colonoscopies (my father had colon cancer) and PAP Tests into my phone calendar. Recently my mammogram found suspicious cells and a lump in my breast. Although benign these cells were pre-cancerous and the mass was surgically removed from my body. 3 months of worry isn't suitable for anyone, but the alternative to not testing could have been the growth of a potentially fatal disease.

Love YOU first and enough to take good care of yourself and allow the medical system to help keep you healthy, well and present for those who love you the most.

*Before beginning any weight-loss, detox or supplement routine, you should consult first your doctor for medical advice*

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