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Gourmet Grilling on the Farm!

What a blast summer has been and I don't want to see it go! Long hot days and warm nights have been so fantastic this year.  With the coming change in weather, I'm a die-hard griller and you'll see me outside until the bitter end cooking on the bbq. 

Here's a really fantastic bbq sauce I made using local berries and when it gets cold outside I'll continue making this great dish using the frozen berries I've stored away for the winter months.  Here's my Raspberry Chipotle BBQ Sauce. Enjoy! 


Can't Beet This Salad Recipe!

Beets! I love them. I just spent the day canning a whole bunch of these beauties and saved some of them to make this super healthy and very tasty dish.  Grilled Beets with a Strawberry Glaze finished with local goat's cheese.  It doesn't' get any better!