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I'm a Registered Holistic & Nutrition Counselor and have been involved in this industry since 2003. I've always loved giving nutritional advice to help individuals get to where they want to be on their wellness journey. 

We've launch www.RegisteredHolisticCoach.com & www.AllinwithTammyLynn.com

to help individuals in their journey to a healthy happy life.  If you're wanting to make a change, this site is for you!

My Key to Keto is a 10 Day Keto Challenge to drink Pruvit Ketones 2x a day and follow a 10 menu program that with an eating program mean to give you results.


As a Registered Holistic Nutrition and Health Counsellor and previous owner of a chain of Low Carb Wellness Centres across Canada and Low Carb Commercial bakery - low carb, keto & weight loss is my thing!  I want anyone who's joining me to have the best success that they can and to feel amazing. You’ll have access to me to ask questions along the way.


I’ve created various tools to get you going once you’ve hopped on board: with the 10 Day Pruvit Keto Challenge. You'll receive:


1. A Meal Plan for 10 Days

2. A Recipe Ebook for key meals in the plan

3. A Recipe Ebook for 10 Keto-Low Carb Shakes and Smoothies

4. A Food Diary for you to keep track of your meals which will allow me to review periodically during your journey.

You only have to pay for the 10 Pruvit drinks.....

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