Taking A Time Out

February 8, 2019

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Life is crazy! I promised myself that for 2019 that I would slow down some and try and smell the roses more, make my family time a priority (that means not working) and truly appreciate the fruits of my labour.


Part of my (new) routine is to take a quiet moment, with devices off, and reflect.  I don't know about you, but quiet time has never been part of my regular routine - ever! Not that I have a tough time sitting still, I don't.  It's just that whenever I'm not doing something, the only thing that I can think about is what I HAVE to do.  Honestly, I'm jamming into my work the equivalent of more than two people a day.  And even with assistants, crew, consultants and staff helping me make this whole machine run, I still have 50 thousand things on my mind that need to get done.


I realize now that enough is never enough for me.  There's always more that I want to do, want to make, want to accomplish and I just have to tell myself that I can only do as much as a workday gives me.  I'm sure if I had a therapist he/she would have a hay day telling me all the things that I could be doing differently.


Big breathe in.....exhale...


I'm giving myself a self-imposed time out.  I'm forcing myself to turn everything off and just look out the window with a warm drink in hand.  Give my mind, my eyes, and my thoughts a minute to do nothing.


I really don't know how to do nothing. I want to learn the behaviour of just being in a moment. You'd think that after living in a Buddhist Temple with monks for a number of years in Tokyo, that this is something I would have mastered. 


Today was my first day of sitting quietly and reflecting on news I've received, a time I just spent away and dreams I have for myself and my family this year.


And you know what?  Nothing felt pretty good......





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