Raspberry-Strawberry Vinaigrette Dressing Recipe - Not Just For Salads!

If you're trying to eat more plant-based foods or your weekly diet includes getting in a set number of salads per week, you're probably like me - trying to find another salad dressing recipe to jazz up your greens.  I love making homemade salad vinaigrettes that are versatile and easy to make. Berries are low in sugar, higher in fibre and a perfect addition to your salad. In this recipe I chose raspberries, but you could use blackberries, strawberries or any berry of your choice!  This recipe also tastes fantastic on fish as well.......

I come from really good stock when it comes to my family genes and food. My mom is Ukrainian and French and my dad is African American, Norwegian and Irish/British. I was destined to love good home cooking and as a child spent lots of time in the kitchen with my grandmother and my mom. I have a great love and appreciation for food and where it comes from. I always knew that the man that I married would have to love being in the kitchen almost as much as me. And with our love of food combined, we have children who enjoy cooking and will eat ANYTHING.



My Favourite Morning Smoothie That I Drink a Few Times A Week....

Hydrating my hair is the number one most important part of my beauty regime.  In the day and age of extensions, I can't tell you how many times a millenial has been brave enough to tug on the back of my hair to see if it's real!  Compliment? I guess so.  I've had this hair a LOOOONG time and keeping it healthy is key. Here are a couple of key steps in keeping it......

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