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Way before I married my husband, having flowers in my home, have been a part of my weekly routine. Don't get me wrong, flowers from a loved one are fantastic and something I encourage but if I had to wait on having my spouse to remember to bring me home a bouquet of flowers (or pre-marriage a boyfriend) I wouldn't remotely be able to fulfil my love of those beautiful bouquets.

I feel that flowers around the house, in different types of containers makes me really happy. I put them in teapots, fancy glasses and gorgeous vases.  Recently I did the flowers for my BFF's wedding, and part of the design had everything in crystal holders.  I bought 30 vessels in every shape and size (thus feeding into my own addiction).  

My weekly routine is to do our grocery shopping and grabbing a bouquet.  It's even on the grocery list!   

According to (who knows everything!) flowers are linked to a person’s happiness, both immediate and long term. They can relieve stress, lift your spirit, and ease away depression symptoms and anxiety. The reason why flowers are able to do this is that it gives you a connection to nature, to something beyond your typical, fast-paced environment. Colours also make you happier through chromotherapy, which uses colour to balance “energy” lacking from a persons body, whether it be physical, emotional, spiritual, or mental levels.

Flowers can make you happy by triggering your happy brain chemicals: dopamine, serotonin and oxytocin. Historically, flowers triggered dopamine for our hunter-gatherer ancestors because they marked the coming of abundance after a hungry winter. Now, the blossoming of a flower triggers the sense that something special is coming. Serotonin is popularly thought to be a contributor to feelings of wellbeing and happiness. Flowers can help stimulate a sense of pride and excitement with others, and release serotonin – whether you grow them, buy them, give them, receive them or admire them from a distance.


Often called the “love hormone,” oxytocin is associated with empathy, trust, and relationship building. Flowers communicate the intention to invest effort in a relationship, helping you to connect with and feel closer on an emotional level to people around you.

So my advice is to not wait around for those special holiday's like Valentine's Day or Mother's Day, treat yourself to a bouquet of flowers OFTEN and celebrate YOU!

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