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May 23, 2024 - Vancouver, British Columbia - We are thrilled to announce that Tammy-Lynn McNabb has been nominated for a prestigious Leo Award for her outstanding work on the TV series, Health Wellness & Lifestyle TV. This incredible recognition highlights Tammy-Lynn's exceptional talent and dedication as both the TV Host in the Information, Lifestyle or Reality Series category along with a nomination for best Director of the show. Tammy-Lynn’s nomination is a testament to her unwavering commitment to excellence in television. Her ability to connect with audiences, combined with her visionary direction, has set a new standard in the health and wellness industry.

The crew behind HWLTV couldn't be prouder of Tammy-Lynn’s achievements and the passion she brings to her craft. We also congratulation Janos Molnar from our team who has also been nominated in the category of Best Direction. Please join us in celebrating these remarkable milestone. Congratulations, Tammy-Lynn McNabb & Janos Molnar, on your well-deserved Leo Award nominations!

About Health Wellness & Lifestyle TV -  In its 10th season as a national TV show that airs to 6 million households across Canada. The show also airs internationally in Russia and Vietnam, reaching 40 million viewers. A 30-minute TV show, Health Wellness & Lifestyle TV with Tammy-Lynn McNabb" is a vibrant television show dedicated to enhancing the quality of life for its viewers. Hosted by the dynamic Tammy-Lynn McNabb, the show explores a wide range of topics, from nutritious recipes and fitness tips to mental health practices and sustainable living. Tammy-Lynn's engaging and informative style, combined with expert interviews and practical advice, empowers audiences to make informed choices for a healthier and more balanced lifestyle. Through its innovative content and relatable approach, "Health Wellness & Lifestyle TV" has become a trusted source of inspiration and education for individuals seeking to improve their well-being. HWLTV airs across Canada on JoyTV and The One.

Nominated Episode -

From Tuscany To Montreal - A Canadian Family's Story (S10 Eps3)

Synopsis: We explore the journey of one Italian family as they leave loved ones behind to discover new opportunities Canada will offer their future generations. Host Tammy-Lynn travels to Tuscany to tell one man's story around cultural identity, familial roots, and a desire to stay connected to his motherland. From countryside train rides to days at the market, she uses fruits from their labour to create delicious Italian dishes enjoyed within their family's majestic olive groves.

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