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Sunscreen or Big Hat? I Do It All!

by Tammy-Lynn

I used to love being in the sun ALL THE TIME! I remember in the 80s my friends and I would drive my car to the top of a mountain with our sun chairs, suntanning oil and the tunes cranked. The closer to the sun we got, the darker the tan! I then spent my 30s repairing the sun damage that I caused in my 20s. Have you ever been to a dermatologist and had a look at your skin from one of their UV photography machines? It's bloody awful! But I was motivated to get my skin back to where it should be.


The biggest change over the last 10 years for me has been the avoidance of the sun from my chest up.  I use the highest level block. Sunscreen specifically formulated for the face and you will always (always!) see me with a hat on.  The bigger the better.  The process of reversing sun damage is an expensive one and each time you go back into the sun you will be handed another hefty bill from your dermatologist to start the healing process all over again.


So for me, a few minutes of sun on my face with sunscreen on it to give it a sunkissed look is all that I need! Below are my 'face' block favourites - Juice Beauty (Sephora has it online as well) & goddess garden!

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