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How I Keep My Hair Hydrated with this All Natural, DIY Hair Mask!

by Tammy-Lynn

I recently decided to do a little colouring of my hair.  Nothing at the roots because I know me, and if it requires upkeep, count me out.  But I found that my hair instantly became drier where the colour was stripped out.  I was so used to really silky hair, but now I have some breakage and my hair tangles so much easier.


Sigh.... So now my relatively easy hair is a bit more work.  Instead of using a hair mask once or twice a month, I'm not using one at least once a week.  And if you know hair masks, they are p.r.i.c.e.y!!  So I've started using natural ingredients for relatively the same results.  Here's my favourite.



1.  1 egg white
2.  Juice from ½ lemon

3.  6-1- tbsp of Coconut Cream (depending on how long your hair is)



1. Squeeze one half of a lemon into a mixing bowl. I run through a strainer to remove seeds and pulp.
3. Whisk in an egg white until you have a  smooth consistency.

4. Whisk in your coconut cream.
4. Apply to damp hair from top to bottom and massage from scalp to roots.
5. Tie hair up with a hair tie and cover with a shower cap or plastic wrap then wrap in a towel.
6. Let your mask sit for around 30-45 minutes and follow with shampoo and conditioner.




Why are these ingredients good for your hair?  Glad you asked!

EGGS are a rich source of protein, fatty acids along with many essential vitamins. They help your hair look luscious and shiny.  Egg whites are a natural hair conditioner and they're a protein - just like your hair!



LEMONS are great to cut through the gunk build up on your scalp.  They are especially good for oily scalps as they absorb excess oil.  The vitamin C in lemons will keep your hair strong and the acid in them will help strip product buildup.  If you have dandruff, the anti-fungal properties in lemons will help to clear it up.



COCONUT MILK OR CREAM is made from the white fleshy part of the coconut.  With vitamins like folate and niacin, coconut cream helps to stimulate your scalp.  After the lemon has cleared scalp build up, coconut cream has the opportunity to nourish.  Loaded with healthy fats and Vitamin E, your dry hair will love the moisture boost from nature's gift, the coconut!


So go ahead and whip up this creamy hair mask and you'll feel the difference after just one treatment - and it's all natural!



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